FEATURE: Chenelle Maloney

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FEATURE: Chenelle Maloney

The day is sunny, the sand is warm and comfortable, and the waves are seductively splashing against the rocks as if to massage it’s exterior. On it lays local Trinidadian bombshell Chenelle Maloney. Standing at 5 feet, 8 inches commanding a frame with the measurements 32, 27 and 41 (Bust, hips, waist – exactly!), Chenelle is no stranger to attention. Billboards display her confidence throughout the island. In her melodic accent she tells me of her love of puppies, food (Hainese Chicken Rice) and travel. She fondly remembers her 21st birthday in Athens eating fresh, grilled sea food. A self-proclaimed “cheeseball”, like many beautiful women she was a late bloomer, who grew to love going to the movies alone eating crapes and coffee while laughing freely. Like all great books, the depth of the story cannot be found in the cover. Ms. Maloney was once a little girl growing up on the deadly block of Duncan Street where murders were not a rare occurrence. Danger ever present, young Chanelle has witnessed things no kid should have to. In an effort to protect her and her sister, Chanelle’s mother kept them inside as much as possible. Safe from the crime outside her door, a young girl fell in love with VH1’s pop culture and the wildness of the Discovery Channel.

On a rainy day in Trinidad the air waters all below it with warm and often light rain drops, its a nurturing feast that waters all roots. And like the cliche of the concrete embedded rose, even a girl from the ghetto can adorn billboards like Nicholas Cage’s love interest in the movie Lord of War. I imagine her laughing to herself as she directs and watches her own movie, a dark skin model with a passion for natural beautification succeeding in an industry where those before her who looked like her couldn’t. Deeply interested in beauty and healthy living, Chanelle’s love of commercial modelling is to be backed by her current studies in cosmetology. A believer of self-love, Maloney advises that  women should opt to invest in proper self care of the assets they have. Woman are more beautiful than they think she proclaims, weave and eye lash extensions are great she continues, but they further stress the need to care for the hair underneath. Her skin literally glistens in the sun, threatening to drip like melting chocolate. Later I ask her about her skin and workout regiment, needing to get an exclusive of her sexy secretes. Chanelle doesn’t diet but admits she doesn’t eat any large portioned meals, choosing rather to graze often and pick at food throughout the day. I guiltily think of my earlier double portion of Bake & Shark as I suck-in my stomach and move to the next subject, “so about that flawless skin?”  I wouldn’t be keeping it real if I didn’t say that Chanelle has a figure eight silhouette that could rival J-Lo, Nicky Minaj or Kim Kardashian; that being said, her sexiest asset is her flawless skin and bright smile. Claiming to be “a descendant of Wolverine” (I swear we love this chick!) this Trini diamond claims her skin has naturally healed from oil burns, scrapes and bruises. On her must-have list are Clinique and Lush products; Maloney says her skin needs lotions that can be absorbed easily and therefore she avoids greasy and oily creams.


Gentlemen I would usually suggest that you cannot win without shooting your shot but like most gorgeous women, this lady is taken.  When asked what characteristics in a man catch her eye she states that persistence and humor get her every time.  I think back to walking on the beach, my feet sifting through sand and immersed in salty ocean water, I was more than happy to free myself from Canadian winters. I remember seeing her smile seductively at the camera and I can’t help thinking, I wish she had a twin sister who was single. On the drive home Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean seductively spills out of the speakers; I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Instagram: Chenelle Maloney

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Photography: Instagram@DrewHaran

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